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Are you looking for a fabulous, furry feline companion?


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Do you want to keep your feral cat population healthy, happy, and not increasing?


We can help!

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News and Views Latest Updates

(4/28/2016)       Keeping Taos a No-Kill Community

(2/24/2016)       Press Release:  2015 Charitable Accomplishments

(8/26/2015)     Taos Feral Feline Friends Announces Expanded Adoption Benefits,

                        Comments on Stray Hearts Dispute

(6/19/2015)     Press Release:  Taos Feral Feline Friends Awarded Grants from Three

                        Local Charities

(4/30/2015)      A Five Year Study of Cat Intakes in Taos County

(3/20/2015)      Press Release:  2014 Charitable Accomplishments 

(1/29/2015)      Taos Feral Feline Friends Announces 2015 Programs

(12/30/2014)    2014 - The Year In Review

 (8/28/2014)     Feline Intakes Decline at Stray Hearts Shelter                                     


 (6/6/2014)       Press Release:  TFFF Receives New Grant from PetSmart Charities


 (5/2/2014)       Adopt a Feral Cat as a Pet - Are You Crazy???        

 (3/21/2014)     Press Release:  2013 Charitable Accomplishments         


 (2/27/2014)     Five Great Reasons To Adopt a Feral Cat


 (11/28/2013)   TFFF Successfully Completes PetSmart Charities® Grant


  (3/21/2013)    2012 Charitable Accomplishments (Also discussed: an 84% decline in cat

                        euthanasia in Taos)


 (2/21/2013)     Where Are All The Cats Coming From? (A Taos News article featuring

                         three years of shelter intake data by Zip Code)


 (1/24/2013)     2013 is the Year of the Fixed Feline!


 (12/13/2012)    Taos Feral Feline Friends Receives $18,950 Grant from PetSmart



 (9/20/2012)     The Taos News:  Spay/Neuter Taos - A Success Story For Cats


 (5/3/2012)       Encouraging Signs in Cat Overpopulation


 (2/3/2012)       Press Release: Taos Feral Feline Friends Reports Record Numbers

                                of Cats Helped in 2011

 (5/12/2011)     The Taos News "My Turn" by Leanne Mitchell


 (4/11/2011)     The Taos NewsTaos Feral Feline Friends tackles town’s wild cats




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