Helping Stray Cats Find New Homes


Do you have a favorite stray or feral cat that you'd like to adopt?

Does a friend or neighbor have a litter of kittens that need good homes?

Perhaps you're worried about the cost of the spay/neuter or the shots? 

We help people adopt strays and ferals directly into their homes via our "Pays To Help Strays" adoption service. Through Pays To Help Strays, we reimburse the full costs of spay/neuter, FIV/FELV testing, and a complete set of vaccinations for anyone directly adopting a stray or "friendly feral" cat or kitten into their home.

Interested?  You must be a resident of Taos County or the Enchanted Circle and contact us before or within 60 days of adopting. Cats adopted from pet stores, shelters, or breeders are ineligible.

Taking in a homeless cat is the ultimate act of kindness. When you're ready, give us a call at (575)758-3519 for more information.  Now it really pays to help strays!

Beginning in 2024, Pays To Help Strays will be replaced by TFFF Spay/Neuter Services.